INGAME Esports is in front of the cultural shifts that are redefining location-based experiences.  Video game, esports, pop culture and fandom events are clear trends that millennials gravitate towards to be part of a community, take part in exciting social experiences and interact with peers with shared interests. These type of events create additional revenue opportunities for ticketing, sponsorships, event specific merchandise and advertising.  


INGAME ESPORTS is experienced in the multi-layered nuances of building and programming dedicated gaming and esports facilities. We guide our clients through initial strategy and business case development through to the build-out and programming of the venue. We are adept at uniting all stakeholders throughout the process and working in collaboration with local economic groups, to develop a best-practices strategy for how to bring esports to your city to ensure the optimal impact for tourism, community, the local economy and attracting high-tech industries and jobs.


Our project oversight includes: ideation, market and data research, conceptual drawings, business use cases, PR and marketing strategies, media and technology specifications, architectural and construction services selection and build out, programming strategy and content creation. 

We are pleased to partner with CSL International, the leader for over 30 years of focused research in the sports, entertainment, hospitality and leisure industries, to deliver comprehensive esports strategies and in depth market and data research.