CEO | Co-Founder


Angela has a deep passion for building things from the ground up and has had the honor of creating several start-ups that have pioneered new industries. Angela is task driven with an eye on the big picture, a focus on building relationships and delivering on promises. She is a firm believer in the power of positivity and its impact on our personal and professional lives. 


Angela co-founded Esports Leadership Salon, a NYC-based private networking event for C-level Executives and Founders in esports and gaming. Attendees include representatives from key industry leading companies  including ESL, TWITCH, Activision, Pepsi, Turner, MLB, NBA, and Superdata. As Managing Partner of The Gamer Agency, one of Angela’s key accomplishments was the executive management of the design, technical build-out, and management of Microsoft’s esports broadcast arena on 5th Avenue in Manhattan. Angela recruited 40+ technical, administrative and operations staff, negotiated legal and scope of work contracts with Microsoft, developed broadcast content programming schedule, executive produced 30 original esports series shows and branded content, created all processes including financial and operational and organized all esports events and tournaments.


President | Co-Founder


Emmy-Award winning career as Chief Creative Officer, Creative Director and Media Developer. Anthony’s experience spans interactive gaming and marketing, television content creation, cable network programming, brand development and cross-media platforms. The companies and partners Anthony has worked with include: Scientific Games, National Geographic, Rutgers University, The Walt Disney Company, Microsoft, Nickelodeon, SyFy Network, Hasbro and Comcast.


Anthony has had creative executive roles on multiple high-profile interactive gaming projects for Disney, Microsoft and Nexon as well as numerous Emmy award-winning and Emmy nominated television programs for Discovery Kids, YTV Canada and Disney. He also co-founded Seoul, South Korea-based Studio-Ex, an interactive studio with offices in Dublin, Los Angeles, Vancouver and Linwood, New Jersey that was acquired by Disney Interactive.


Prior to that, Anthony co-founded the Kabillion Network, an On-Demand VOD and online platform launched in partnership with Comcast that currently reaches 96mm US consumers. In total, Anthony has led entertainment media startups to investments, projects, and acquisitions totaling over $50mm.


Executive In Charge of Production


John finds motivation in pulling from his over 30 years of broadcast experience to meet the challenges of planning, managing and executing live productions. John's foundation in broadcasting was shaped while working at the networks, but came into his own when he formed Independence Productions. There he was present at the very emergence of streaming media and where he found his niche very early on. He has participated in many key landmark broadcasts in this industry and has been engraining himself at the forefront of the burgeoning esports marketplace. John was tapped to oversee the construction, staffing, training, day to day production and operational concerns of one of the first esports studios in the country which was built for Microsoft and has since gone on to contribute to award-winning esports broadcasts.